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Fencing supplies Dundee
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Fencing supplies Dundee, If you’re looking to install a new fence, there are several different types of fencing supplies to consider. You can get panels, gates, and trellis to fit your specific needs. There are even products that can help you keep pets and kids out of your yard.


When you want to maintain an organised and safe farm land, it is essential to invest in a good quality fence. It can protect your animals from predators and external vehicles, and it also helps to prevent intruders. However, the right fencing can be quite expensive, so it is important to shop around to find a company that offers competitive prices and a reliable service.

A company like Agricultural Supplies Direct is a specialist farming and fencing supplier that can cater for large agricultural developments as well as domestic properties. They provide a wide range of products and are able to offer next day delivery. Their stock ranges from agricultural gates to livestock handling equipment.


If you are looking to add a bit of flair to your garden, consider trellis fencing. Fencing supplies Dundee, There are several types of these to choose from and choosing the right one can make or break the look of your backyard. The most popular types are wood and metal, with plastic being an option as well. While the latter isn’t as sturdy, it can provide an attractive border to your yard while preventing unsightly weeds from sprouting up in no time.

The best way to determine what type of trellis fencing you want is to take a look around your property. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find someone who has a surplus of these handy items.


If you are in need of some panel fencing for your home then you have come to the right place. Fencing supplies Dundee, Welch Fencing are a family run business that provides you with a wide variety of garden fence panels, concrete posts and general fencing supplies. Their website is also packed with useful information.

The most important piece of advice is to select your fencing material wisely. This will ensure you get the maximum lifespan from your new fence, as well as avoiding the dreaded repair bill! In addition to choosing the right material, you should also consider the right fixings. For instance, you might want to consider a fence post that is pre-galvanised to prevent corrosion. You should also consider using a fence clip, or a coupler, which is a simple device that attaches two panels securely together.


Whether you’re looking for agricultural, housing or garden gates for fencing supplies, O’Neil of Ayr can help. Established by Hugh O’Neil in 1964, the family-run business has expanded to include a third generation of employees. The company offers a selection of high quality gates and barriers. Their services are available throughout South Lanarkshire and Ayrshire and can also be delivered to local stores.

They offer a wide variety of gates and barriers, including swing and manually operated gate systems, and car park and private land entrances. These height restrictors are perfect for preventing vehicles from over-height and heavy goods from entering. Dundee Fencing Supplier, In addition to the gates, they supply a range of other agricultural equipment, such as feeding and livestock handling systems, along with box and corrugated sheets. You can also purchase fence toppers, which provide a strong visual deterrent against climbers.

Bark Mulch

Bark mulch is a popular landscape supply that is used to enhance gardens and pathways. Fencing supplies Dundee, The bark breaks down naturally, providing humus and moisture to the soil. This means that it is long lasting and is ideal for enhancing borders and garden beds. It is also a great way to help control moisture.

Bark mulch can be laid at any time of the year, however it is best laid in the autumn or winter. When it is laid, the mulch should be spread evenly. Using a mulch layer of three inches is recommended. This will prevent weeds from growing and will improve the health of the plants that you are planting.

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